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Golnaz Walamotamrd is a freelance Artist living in Vienna, Austria. Originally from Iran, she is now studying Art Education at Appleid Art University Vienna. She Studied Graphic Design at Azad University Tehran and wrote her Bachelor thesis with the title “Green peace” .

Since then she has worked for a variety of international clients in editorial, publishing and design. Her style is a combination of digital drawing techniques, handmade textures and vibrant colours.

She is Self-employed, freelance artist and graphic designer, Illustrator for newspapers, design and illustration of children’s book , a health calendar for kidney foundation In her work she deals with the subject of health and is doing a special project for dialysis patients. She is also the Managing Director of the Illustration group “Wonderland”. She has participated in many painting and illustration exhibitions for which she has received awards: Poster exhibition “The Culture of Peace and Dialogue Between Civilizations”, 2001, organized by UNICEF was rated as “high and brilliant”, winner of the photo competition “Stadtkultur” WKO, Vienna 2019, Juror of the children’s painting competition “Hemophilia Disease” Juror of the children’s painting competition “Health and Art Festival”, ,group exhibition of illustration, artist gallery “Kelile O Demneh” , group exhibition of illustration, artist gallery “The stories from 1001 nights”, art fair in Bremen / Germany, Illustration Exhibition “Hundert Kunstwerke der Freiheit ” 2021 Diplomatischen Akademie Vienna, ,Painting Exhibition “Hidden Reserves” Hufak (Student union of the University of Applied Arts Vienna), Painting Exhibition “Art in Isolation” 2021 Columbia University / New York.