I’m an artist, a painter. Apart from the beautiful art of living which I believe exists in everybody, I have been so fortunate to be gifted with the art of painting as well. It has always been a great feeling to be able to share my rich, beautiful inner world with the outer world through magical paints and the paintbrushes as my means of expressing myself. Even before I knew myself, I knew colors and their wonderful world, and I have always been floating in this unique, fantastic world.

Since I have got my B.A in graphics, and due to my experience as a designer, I’ve completed many projects including web sites, brochures, logos, stationary, and much more. I’ve also had the opportunity to work with various talented art directors, creative directors and other designers that have contributed to my unique aesthetic style.

I have focused on illustration in the past few years , I use “acrylic paints on hard paper”; and of course sometimes I do digital painting with my computer which is a good friend of mine and helps me to do my creation in another dimension as well.

I have participated in the following exhibitions:

  • Group Illustration Exhibition, Iranian Famous Faces, (Elahe Gallery, Tehran), 2017
  • Group Illustration Exhibition, Wonder World, (Aria Gallery, Tehran), 2016
  • Group Illustration Exhibition, swing swing, (Niavaran Gallery, Tehran), 2015
  • Group Illustration Exhibition, Modernity, (Arasbaran Gallery, Tehran), 2014
  • Panchatantra, Group Illustration Exhibition, Tabestan Gallery (Iran Artists House , Tehran), 2013
  • 10 Years Illustration , Group Exhibition, Aria Gallery, 2013
  • 1001 nights, Group Illustration Exhibition, (Iran Artists House , Tehran), 2012
  • Group Illustration Exhibition, Hanse Art (Germany, Bremen), 2010
  • Group Illustration Exhibition, Momayez Gallery (Iran Artists House , Tehran), 2010
  • Group Illustration Exhibition, Laleh Gallery, 2009
  • Group Illustration Exhibition, Arasbaran Gallery, 2009
  • Group Painting Exhibition, Laleh Gallery, 2004
  • Painting Exhibition, Cafe Aks, 2003
  • Sketching Biennial, Atashzad & Barg Gallery, 2002
  • Poster exhibition “The Culture of Peace and Dialogue Among Civilizations”, 2001, which was rated as “High and Brilliant” by UNICEF
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