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Cypress From the ruins of Persepolis to the today cities and villages of Iran, you can see cypress presence in Iranian life and culture. Cypress symbolizes power, prosperity, endurance, and freedom.  It was believed to be a tree from heaven, a tree that grows upright to the sun. It is believed that just like cypress […]

Pocket Equality

Have you ever gone shopping and noticed the dress pockets are either very tight and small or just decorative in a way that you cannot fit a tissue in it let alone keys and wallets and so on?? This applies to you only if you are a woman. Almost all men’s clothes have big and […]

Freedom came in May

Fire in st. Georgen War in its nature is something dark and depressing. It ruins loves, hopes, plans for the future … it ruins lives. There is absolutely no winner in wars … except the companies who sell weapons to both sides.As a person who has experienced war herself, I remember the destruction of my country, […]


When Coronavirus hit the world, nobody had the slightest idea that it would change absolutely everything so drastically. It got clear little by little that all the people of the world were affected in one way or another: financially, emotionally, physically, health wise, you name it. And as you have so correctly stated, it seems […]


The world we see that seems so insane is the result of a belief system that is not working. To perceive the world differently, we must be willing to change our beliefs and see differently. Let the past slip away, expand your sense of now, and dissolve the dissimilar in your minds.

Jewellery with secret

The use of jewellery dates back to the very beginning of mankind. The jewellery served primarily to increase the attractiveness or status of a person within a society or group, or to visibly display a status.But my jewelry brings not only beauty, but also holds a secret. You can hide whatever you want in the […]


Of all the emotions, nostalgia, or longing for the past, is perhaps the most potent and crippling. Almost all of us, for some reasons, have left a familiar place. We may not regret leaving it, but we always end up longing for it. It is an inexplicable feeling, one that we can seldom put into […]

Lights and Shadows

Absolutely everything, including we human beings, consists of light and shadow. There is no use denying any part of us, they all are there, they all exist. And by denying any part of us, we lose ourselves, our wholeness … and definitely something won’t work. Only when we embrace our light and shadow completely, we […]

Clapping Hand

What do you do when you want to remember something? There are many methods for example: be calm. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and relax. … But what is the best method? I have a solution: with my tool, you can suddenly remember what you have forgotten! My tool is called clapping […]

Safe corners in the middle of room

The idea is social isolation, which could lead to loneliness in public and crowded places like parties, metros, etc. Fear of the others, negative self-steam and/or lack of consistent human contact could be our conscious choice. Many of us prefer to take a lonely space in public. It could have different reasons. In fact, we […]