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Lights and Shadows

Absolutely everything, including we human beings, consists of light and shadow. There is no use denying any part of us, they all are there, they all exist. And by denying any part of us, we lose ourselves, our wholeness … and definitely something won’t work. Only when we embrace our light and shadow completely, we […]

Clapping Hand

What do you do when you want to remember something? There are many methods for example: be calm. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and relax. … But what is the best method? I have a solution: with my tool, you can suddenly remember what you have forgotten! My tool is called clapping […]

Safe corners in the middle of room

The idea is social isolation, which could lead to loneliness in public and crowded places like parties, metros, etc. Fear of the others, negative self-steam and/or lack of consistent human contact could be our conscious choice. Many of us prefer to take a lonely space in public. It could have different reasons. In fact, we […]


The definition of balance for each of us is different, but there are some universal Fact. For instance, each of us needs a healthy work – life balance to be truly healthy and happy. In this project, I’d liked to show that some people like me believe you can find balance in a very strange […]