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Freedom came in May

Fire in st. Georgen

War in its nature is something dark and depressing. It ruins loves, hopes, plans for the future … it ruins lives. There is absolutely no winner in wars … except the companies who sell weapons to both sides.As a person who has experienced war herself, I remember the destruction of my country, my city, my people, my life. And I know exactly how I feel towards war: I HATE IT. Illustrating this chapter was a very difficult and painful task for me; not only because it reawakened so many dark memories in me, but also because I knew war is the same everywhere. And that’s why I could feel the people in the book, their pain, their devastation, their frustration … I chose black to show how dark war is, and red to show the blood and the fire. With every single stroke of my brush, I wished all the wars around the world to stop, so the people of the world can enjoy a war-free life.

Iakovos Kambanellis wrote ‘Freedom came in May‘ as a result of time spent in Mauthausen Concentration camp in Upper Austria, and the title refers to his unexpected release by American forces in May 1945. His personal memoir is of being arrested with no recourse in law, and of freight journeys between different camps.

This collection showed in july 2021 in diplomatic academy Vienna with corporation of 100 artist.The exhibition name was 100 artwork of freedom.

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