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When Coronavirus hit the world, nobody had the slightest idea that it would change absolutely everything so drastically. It got clear little by little that all the people of the world were affected in one way or another: financially, emotionally, physically, health wise, you name it. And as you have so correctly stated, it seems that women have been the double victims of it; just like any other situation dealing with women and human beings as a whole. Not only have they been the ones being impacted by the unemployment and financial crisis so hard, they have suffered other aspects, like domestic violence, of the situation as well. As a female student who is struggling to go on, I would love to be a part of this movement.Apart from the tangible effects and results that can be expected, it also has a symbolic meaning for me. I have called my piece “UNSEEN” to honor all those women who go through life suffering every day without anyone even noticing them, seeing them, and helping them.

This painting shown in 2 exhibition .

Hidden Reserve in hufak is an Austrian student body (ÖH) at the University of Applied Arts Vienna -2020:

Art in Isolation Columbia University New York March 27, 2021 :

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